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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Weight Loss Calculator, 5 Websites to Calculate Your Weight Loss!


It is quite difficult to get weight loss calculator from home, the best way to do is to visit online apps which provide such feature. And if you want to lose weight, what’s your weight loss goal? These 5 websites below will help you to calculate your weight loss.

Weight Loss Calculator


There’re options like Calorie Tracker, Counting Calories, Blog, Calculators &Tools, Lose Weight, and About. Click Calculators &Tools then choose Weight Loss Calculator. Then you’ll see a column where you can fill the blank with your information. When you finish them all, click “Calculate”. After that, you’ll get a daily calorie goal. Plus, the target date to reach your weight loss goal.
Beside this useful calculator, the website also provides tips about lose weight. Plus, if you want to get 25 Ways to Lose Weight e-book from this website, just sign up for the FitWatch Newsletter.


First, you must fill Current Weight and Goal Weight, and then click Continue. Then you’ll see the full Weight Loss Calculator form. Fill the form with your information. This tool has activity level blank based on your daily activities. There’re 4 options activity levels: sedentary, light activity, moderate activity, and very active if you have a job like a construction worker or love doing physical sport like jogging.


Beside basic information like age, weight, height,etc., you must fill addition information too. This weight loss calculator website also provides BMI (Body Mass Index) information. Less than 15 mean you are very severely underweight. Normal and healthy weight is from 18,5 to 25. Be careful when your BMI is 30 to 35, it means you’re Obese Class I (Moderately Obese). How if over 40? It means you are Obese Class III (very severely obese).

Healthy Calculator

When you visit healthycalculators, you’ll see a simple form. Just fill the form with your information. You only need less than 5 minutes to fill the form. After you finish, just click Calculate!

This website also provides to calculate your BMI too. Just click BMI Calculator under Calculate options. You only need to enter your weight and height, and then click Calculate BMI. After you get your BMI, it’ll automatically show your category.You don’t have to searching about what category you belongs.If you have BMI over 25, it means you’re overweight. So, you can choose between 4 websites above. Simple, quick, and easy!

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