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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Starting a Low Carb Diet


Low carb diet is the effective way you can choose to reduce your weight. Many people have the plan to have diet. Both men and women want to have the ideal body. It is not only because to look good. As we know that having the overweight can cause many diseases, for that, reducing the weight can be done because of the healthy reason.

Starting a Low Carb Diet

Low carb diet is the good option

Low carb diet is the great option for you that want to do the diet program. If you reduce to consume the carbohydrate, your body will change using the fat as the secondary source of energy. You should go to the doctor at first before starting to do this program. It is better to do because making the consultation is the best way. The doctor will tell you about how many carbohydrate you should consume every day. Generally, people consume the carb for about 250 grams. However, if you do this diet, you may consume it between 20 until 60 grams.

What is a low carb diet? 

It is important to know what the low carb diet is. This is the way you can take to reduce your weight because you will reduce consuming the carbohydrate. You will only eat the good carb. This is the car that is used not only for fuel of body; however, it will be used for giving the energy for your body. There is the rule you should do in having a meal. You should consume 70 % from fat, and then 5% until 10% from carb. You may eat until you feeling full, as long as you don’t eat the food that contains carbohydrate.

Low Carb Diet

The function of the carbohydrate 

Your body needs a carbohydrate. Then, do you know what the function of the carb is? Actually, this is used for the fuel of body. For example, the athletes will need the carb as the fuel to make them being able to do exercise such as riding the bicycles, playing basketball, and the other activities.

Low Carb Diet

That’s all the information about the low carb diet. Having the much information about this is very important. When you are looking for the kind of the food that contains the low carb, you should get it from the reliable sources.

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