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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Best Exercise to Lose Weight, Simple Things to Do But It Works!


Doing routine and scheduled exercise is the other half of succeeding your weight loss quest and this is why people are searching the best exercise to lose weight on the internet. Aside from eating in smaller portion, your body will need some help in order for it to burn the extra fat that has been accumulating for a long time in your body. Do this exercise to aid you in losing weight.

Cardio Exercise

The first half of the best exercise to lose weight is doing cardio exercise in order to help your heart works better. Cardio exercise includes walking, jogging, running, and swimming. Do whichever exercise suit you the best for at least thirty minutes regularly.
If you are more of a walking type, you should try adding a burst jogging for thirty seconds for every five minute in your walking schedule. You can increase the interval length between each jog and you can also lengthen the jogging period. Make sure that your exercise leaves you breathing hard so that you can get the biggest metabolism boost.

Strength Exercise

There many different kinds of strength workout that you can do in order to assist your weight loss quest. If you want to get the best result, you should do some whole body exercise, not just ones that look easiest to do. You can also choose the best exercise to lose weight based on which body part you want to lose weight the most such as the stomach area, arms, legs, or thighs.

Does some pushups repetitions if you want to develop and strengthen your chest, shoulders, and arms. Do some crunch to develop the abdomen area, curl reps for the biceps, some squat repetitions for your thighs and butts, reverse dip for your triceps, lunge for your legs, and some row repetitions for your back and shoulders.

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